Inzpire delivers space training to NATO’s Allied Rapid Reaction Corps

Posted on 19 October, 2020 by Advance 

A team of training experts from Inzpire Limited has recently delivered the company’s Military Use of Space Capabilities course to 42 NATO personnel from the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC).

Image courtesy Inzpire

Forty-two students from the UK, US, Netherlands, Turkey, Germany and France attended the three-day course which covered a range of space-based subjects including orbits; earth observation; satellite communications; and deterrence and counter-space operations. The multi-national training cohort contained personnel ranging from SNCO up to Lt Gen, including Commander ARRC Lt Gen Sir Smyth-Osbourne and Deputy Commander Maj Gen D’Addario.

Inzpire’s non-executive director Air Marshal Philip Osborne (retd) closed the course by providing a UK 3* commander’s perspective on the space domain and its importance.

Kelly Bindemann, Inzpire’s command, control and space subject matter expert, who assisted in the design and delivery of the training said: “we are delighted to be supporting our NATO partners and helping them to develop their understanding of the space domain. The Military Utility of Space Capabilities course provided a comprehensive three-day foundational package in a domain of warfare that NATO has recognised to be critically important. The enthusiasm and engagement of the HQ ARRC audience demonstrated a clear commitment to enhancing their understanding of space”.

Gp Capt Martin Cunningham, Chief of the AOCC at HQ ARRC said: “as NATO and HQ ARRC develop their understanding of space, we need to understand what it delivers to the modern warfighter and how we need to adapt in order to exploit it. This immersion training of the HQ staffs is part of the development of a ‘Virtual’ space team, by having everyone understand what space can do for them rather than a singular specialist team. It has significantly increased our operational effectiveness and is all part of our multi-domain concept”.

Brigadier John Oldroyd, Chief of the Joint Fires and Integration Branch (JFIB) at HQARRC said: “the Military Use of Space Capabilities Course was fantastic. Our staff are now better equipped to exploit the domain to our advantage and enhance our resilience against those that may seek to disrupt this warfighting domain. Space is everyone’s business and must be fully considered in the plan. This training is another step towards the ARRC genuinely being 5-D by design”.

Inzpire’s Military Use of Space Capabilities course – which is part of Inzpire’s Training Academy - gives students an understanding of the principles behind the space environment, space weather and the orbits currently used by satellites. Trainees graduate with the ability to identify the roles in which space-based capabilities support terrestrial activity and a full understanding of the command, control, and coordination of space-based activity.