Hensoldt UK introduces new Manta NEO navigation radar

Posted on 4 November, 2021 by Advance 

Sensor solutions provider Hensoldt, is introducing its newly developed 'Manta NEO' X band radar system for the commercial shipping market at international maritime industry exhibition, Europort.

Image courtesy Hensoldt

The 'Manta NEO' X band radar delivers superior target separation, long-range resolution using CHIRP pulse compression and beam sharpening technology. Equipped with the latest technology, the Manta NEO Solid State X band radar ensures extremely high reliability and low through life costs as there is no magnetron to be replaced. Using solid state technology enables superior detection performance especially in poor weather conditions where traditional radar technology can make target detection difficult.

Hensoldt UK specialist R&D teams create innovative navigation technologies for all types of commercial vessels. The Manta NEO X band is ideally suited for all types of ships from workboats up to large tankers and cruise ships.

The Manta NEO X band radar ensures simplicity, visibility and safety in extreme weather conditions. The use of solid state technology allows for improved efficiency and a rapid start-up. The radar also features narrow horizontal beam widths for enhanced target separation, and best-in-class Beam Sharpening to further improve target separation. The Manta NEO X Band offers an improved target resolution range and reduced background noise with Pulse compression capability, and ARPA for target tracking and collision avoidance.

The Manta NEO X band radar is compatible with the renowned collection of Kelvin Hughes Multifunction Displays, including 22” and 26” Panel PC Display, 24″ and 27″ Manta NEO Smart Display and 32″, 43 and 55″ Manta NEO Navigation Display.

Customers will have the benefit of lower life-cycle costs, reduced user-effort due to lower workloads, training and skills and comprehensive modern support concepts. Hensoldt UK will be the preferred supplier of an IMO approved solid state radar system, consisting of both X band and S band radar for the Commercial Shipping Market.

Flemming Haase – Head of Commercial Marine Systems at Hensoldt UK commented: “After the launch we will continue to develop additional features and capabilities for the Manta NEO X band in order to meet and exceed customer and market demand.”