Hensoldt supplys MSR1000I IFF interrogators to MBDA

Posted on 3 August, 2021 by Advance 

Sensor and cryptographic solutions provider, Hensoldt France, is delivering its IFF (Identification Friend of Foe) system, the Mode 5-capable MSR1000I interrogator, for GBAD systems, to MBDA.


IFF systems like MSR1000I are indispensable for avoiding 'friendly fire' incidents.    
Courtesy Hensoldt

An initial order for the delivery of 13 MSR1000I IFF interrogators has been placed by MBDA for very short range air defense applications of undisclosed export customers.

This new contract marks the first step in a successful cooperation between MBDA and Hensoldt France concerning the MSR1000I IFF system.

The IFF technology is of central importance for all military operations, allowing field commanders to quickly distinguish friendly from hostile forces defense by automatically sending interrogation and response signals. Enhancing security through new cryptographic algorithms, Mode 5 IFF reduces friendly fire casualties and maximises the combat effectiveness in the air, on land and at sea.

MSR1000I is specifically designed for defense against low-altitude air threats, primarily helicopters and low-flying close air support aircraft and can be easily integrated on ground-based stations, vehicles or vessels. With its flexible configuration MSR1000I can be used with a wide range of platforms from man portable version to systems equipped with directional antennas or rotating antennas for a 360° panoramic surveillance. Enhanced with the latest NATO Mode 5 or NSM encrypted modes with universal cryptographic computer compatibility, MSR1000I is a certified solution. More than 200 units are currently under deployment worldwide.