Dstl publishes Climate change and defence biscuit book

Posted on 16 January, 2024 by Advance 

Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) has published Climate change and defence, an introduction to how defence might reduce its environmental impact and adapt to climate change.

Image courtesy Dstl

The guide is designed to help those Dstl works with think about climate change and how it will affect all of us, every region of the world and every part of society, including every part of defence and its business.

It is one of a series of biscuit books - designed to be dipped into and easily digested - that provides an introduction to how defence might lessen its impact on the environment and adapt to climate change, particularly as changes to the natural environment will significantly affect how British armed forces operate and the way they protect the UK.

Dstl’s biscuit books are simple guides, designed to be picked up and dipped into when you are enjoying a cup of tea and a biscuit. Each book is arranged in a series of easily digestible chunks covering different topics, aiming to inform without being too technical. They help those Dstl work with - in MoD and beyond - to understand more about the work it does in areas such as artificial intelligence and data science. This enables incorporation of these concepts into their own work and to talk to Dstl about how to collaborate on the science and technology inside UK defence and security.

This particular biscuit book provides examples of how science and technology can support defence and Dstl hopes it will also inspire readers to consider how they might make their positive impact. It highlights the defence opportunities and challenges resulting from changes to our climate, the leadership skills required to make necessary adjustments, how defence adapts and key enablers that should underpin defence's approach to addressing the affects of climate change.