Darktrace establishes Darktrace Federal

Posted on 2 March, 2022 by Advance 

Cambridge based Darktrace has announced the formation of Darktrace Federal, a new division to serve the US Department of Defense (DoD), the intelligence community, federal civilian agencies and national critical infrastructure, to strengthen their defences with Self-Learning AI.

Image courtesy Darktrace

"There is little doubt that sophisticated cyber-attackers are retooling right now. They are developing novel attack methods designed to slip under the radar of existing defences, remain undetected in the heart of critical organisations and, when the time is right, cause major disruption," commented Marcus Fowler, Darktrace's SVP of Strategic Engagements and Threats. "Cyber defence and not just cyber offence, is critical now. We are honored to support the US government and its agencies in a strategic global security initiative."

Darktrace Federal includes subject matter experts in critical infrastructure security and former members of the US intelligence community who drove cyber operations at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and supported the National Security Agency (NSA) and DoD. The team, based in Reston, Virginia, will empower and assist federal agencies and military organisations to identify and disrupt cyber-attacks across digital environments and infrastructure.

Sally Kenyon Grant joins the company as Vice President, Darktrace Federal, leading initiatives supporting US government cyber security operations for compliance, auditing, policy, budget, acquisition and deployment. With over three decades of government experience in Washington DC, Grant will lead efforts to integrate Darktrace into cyber-ecosystems and accelerate the adoption of AI-enabled cyber defences across the government.

Darktrace has defended critical infrastructure worldwide since its inception and defends organisations across all 16 CISA-designated sectors. Following warnings from CISA and the FBI of malicious cyber activity targeting critical infrastructure, Darktrace Federal is prepared to leverage its unique Self-Learning AI, proven to defend both IT and operational technology (OT). The technology identifies the subtle, emerging signs of cyber threats and takes targeted action to disrupt in-progress threats at every stage of the attack lifecycle, including initial entry, command and control, lateral movement and virtually all vectors of attack.

"Darktrace is a unique example of a Self-Learning AI technology that is proven to work in detecting, responding, and investigating sophisticated, nation-state threats in real time in critical organisations before damage is done," commented Sally Kenyon Grant, VP of Federal at Darktrace. "There has been no better time to join Darktrace Federal as its Self-Learning AI responds with machine speed and surgical precision to interrupt attacks before they can disrupt vital government services."