Avon Protection makes first EXOSKIN delivery

Posted on 27 January, 2023 by Advance 

Melksham headquartered Avon Protection has made the first delivery of its new EXOSKIN boots and gloves range, to a key military customer in Asia.

Image courtesy Avon Protection

The delivery will see the customer add the EXOSKIN boots and gloves to its currently-deployed Avon Protection respirator protective equipment, enhancing CBRN protection capabilities for its deployed personnel from a single vendor.

The EXOSKIN range of CBRN boots and gloves was developed in response to the rising chemical weapon threat across military and non-military theatres, to protect personnel without compromising the wearer’s tactical agility in the field.

The EXOSKIN-B1 boot provides improved durability and agility , with quick-release straps to secure the garment over standard footwear. A highly textured sole improves the wearer’s manoeuvrability in all underfoot conditions. In addition, it is 100% leak tested.

The ambidextrous EXOSKIN-G1 glove is designed to allow for the handling and operation of electronic touch screen devices, with a rubberised outer layer textured to maintain grip in wet conditions and an intelligent, seamless inner knitted liner that has a conductive tip on both the thumb and forefinger.

Steve Elwell, Vice President UK and International at Avon Protection, said: “This first delivery to a long-term user of our equipment marks a major development for Avon Protection’s reach into the international CBRN protection market beyond our widely deployed respirators and face mask portfolio - and is testament to the confidence our existing customers have in our CBRN protection knowledge and experience.

"Reaching this point is a culmination of an exceptional cross-team effort to set up the production capability and get these protective garments into the hands of the user in an expediated timeframe.”