Aviation experts highlight role of innovation in future flight systems

Posted on 3 March, 2022 by Advance 

As the Global Urban & Advanced Air Summit (GUAAS) takes place at Farnborough, Gary Cutts, Challenge Director, Future Flight Challenge (UKRI) and Kerissa Khan, Innovation Lead, Future Flight Challenge (UKRI) - who are huge advocates of implementing advanced tech to revolutionise air travel - have highlighted the sector's status and future potential, including what needs to be done to fulfil this potential as it enters a new era of development.

Image courtesy Farnborough International Ltd.

Gary Cutts said: “There is such great potential to be had from the adoption of new aviation technologies, I hope that businesses in the sector will be encouraged by the breadth, quality, and creativity of these exciting developments. Whether it’s freight-carrying drones or hybrid-electric aircraft that can provide urgent medical supplies for remote regions, the economic and social benefits available right now will impact society positively and catalyse the market.

“I am thrilled to join other leaders at the forefront of transforming the aviation sector and look forward to participating in the on-going international conversation at the Global Urban Advanced Air Summit – it is a brilliant platform that continues to push boundaries and spearhead innovation.”

Kerissa Khan said: “We are on the brink of the third aviation revolution and as the Innovation Lead for UKRI’s Future Flight challenge, I’m excited by the technological opportunities on the horizon that will change the future of aviation in a way that reduces environmental impact and better serves communities. It is so important that we as an industry continue to take advantage of such developments and continue to establish a new future flight sector – by adopting vibrant and dynamic approaches.

 “The Global Urban Advanced Air Summit is literally changing the game – ushering in an exciting and pioneering era for aviation. It is a pleasure to be a part of such a prestigious event with many other innovative thinkers that I respect and are as enthusiastic as I am to bring about change together.”