Airbus to unveil Agnet Turnaround at CCW 2024

Posted on 13 May, 2024 by Advance 

Airbus will officially unveil its Agnet Turnaround solution, a new smart and secure collaborative platform to address and overcome challenges in the aviation industry, at Critical Communications World (CCW) 2024, taking place in Dubai 14th-16th May.

Image copyright Airbus

Tailored specifically for airport infrastructure, this innovative solution is set to revolutionize operations at facilities worldwide through cutting-edge technology. While empowering airports with real-time monitoring and communication capabilities for seamless coordination and management processes, Agnet Turnaround delivers newfound value and efficiency through improved punctuality, reduced environmental impact, increased air traffic capacity, and more cost-effective functions.  

"With Agnet Turnaround, we're proposing a new way for airports to think about and manage their operations with a truly ground-breaking solution," said Selim Bouri, Airbus Vice President for Public Safety and Security in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. “Agnet Turnaround is introduced with an unequivocal promise – to empower and enhance airport operations. Airbus looks ahead to the future with great anticipation with quick and efficient practices, reduced response times and tremendous overall throughput all assured for airports globally – without sacrificing safety, security, or environmental responsibility."

Designed to meet the unique demands of airport operations and accommodate vast requirements, Agnet Turnaround brings a sophisticated blend of real-time monitoring and smart communication technologies to the forefront. The solution enables airports and public safety agencies to seamlessly coordinate and manage collective ground operations, ensuring smoother transitions with streamlined processes.

With Agnet Turnaround, airports can look forward to more punctual operations, minimising delays in environments typically busy 24 hours a day, seven days a week. By improving the efficiency of operations, the solution also supports airports in their efforts to reduce their environmental footprint, aligning with global sustainability goals. Additionally, it enhances air traffic management, allowing for increased capacity without compromising safety standards.

“This solution has been introduced to empower airports with unprecedented operational capabilities – and what sets Agnet Turnaround apart are its advanced communication features,” revealed Bouri. “Direct communication tools such as smart groups and instant connectivity are utilised to accelerate key decision-making processes involving personnel and departments, while enhanced planning and control protocols are availed with live monitoring a fundamental component behind world-class predictive processes.”

Airports can also use Agnet Turnaround to instantly connect with key personnel, bypassing lengthy search processes and saving valuable time. Live tracking of operations enables airports to respond swiftly and plan more effectively, improving overall operational foresight. With global access and no distance limitations, managing outstation operations also promises to become simpler and more efficient immediately following solution integration.