AdaCore joins with Ferrous Systems to support Rust

Posted on 2 February, 2022 by Advance 

Provider of software development and verification tools, AdaCore, today announced the formation of a strategic partnership with Ferrous Systems, which specialises in the Rust programming language, aiming to further develop Ferrous Systems' Ferrocene Rust toolchain to support embedded mission-critical and safety-critical applications and qualify it under relevant industry software safety standards.

Image courtesy AdaCore

Interest in and usage of Rust is growing in industrial applications but for safety-critical markets, such as aerospace and defence, there is currently no safety-certified Rust toolchain. The Ferrocene Partnership will support the qualification needs of customers who would like to integrate this emerging Rust language technology into their safety-critical applications.

“For over 25 years, AdaCore has supported the evolving needs of safety and mission-critical industries by investing in new architectures, languages and technologies. And we believe that there is a need for both Ada and Rust in the safety- and security-critical arena,” said Quentin Ochem, Lead of Product Management and Business Development, AdaCore. “This effort will complement our long-standing Ada commitment while offering an opportunity to extend our expertise in safety-certified toolchains to the growing Rust community.”

“We look forward to working with AdaCore on the development of Ferrocene,” said Florian Gilcher, Managing Director of Ferrous Systems. “Our companies share many similar values, including a desire to support programmers with better languages and tools for safer programming, a commitment to open-source software and a drive to facilitate software certification. By working together, we can more quickly bring a safety-certified Rust toolchain to the high integrity market.”