MOD Procurement

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) is one of the biggest public procurement organisations in Europe, managing some of the most complex and technologically advanced requirements in the world.

MOD customers include our armed forces and national security agencies, buying everything from military fighting vehicles to education services and all kinds of facilities management services.

MOD Procurement support our armed forces by providing world class solutions for delivering national defence and security for the UK whilst ensuring the best possible value for the taxpayer.

Procurement activity covers a very wide range of requirements including:

  • technology: cloud and digital, network services, software and technology products and services
  • equipment and support: ships, submarines, aircraft, vehicles, weapons, missiles, commodities and support (maintenance and repair)
  • infrastructure: construction, hard and soft facilities management, property consultancy.

How to access opportunities and innovation in the Defence supply chain

The MOD advertises tender and contract opportunities valued over £10,000 on the Defence Sourcing Portal (DSP):

The DSP provides useful information and guidance for suppliers, including innovation and exports.

Access and registration to bid for MOD opportunities on the DSP is free of charge. Suppliers are also able to publish their sub‐contracting opportunities on the portal.

MOD also advertises on the Government’s Contracts Finder portal:‐finder.

Here central Government Departments and other public bodies advertise tender and contract opportunities valued at £10,000 and above. Access to Contracts Finder is also free of charge.

Find out more

You can follow @defenceproc on twitter for the latest information on doing business with defence, including opportunities and market engagement events.

Download the Doing Business with Defence brochure (accessible version)

You can also find out more about MOD Procurement here.