This blog is written by Simon Levy, Head of UK Defence Business Development, ADS.

On 2 March 2021, Ralph Wilkins, Innovation Partner, DASA briefed ADS members on topics including The Defence & Security Accelerator (DASA), innovation landscape in defence and giving details on access to mentoring and funding. To watch a recording of this briefing please click here

In his role as an Innovation Partner for the Defence and Security Accelerator, Ralph is responsible for building and maintaining DASA’s relationships with start-ups, SMEs, incubators, accelerators, university innovation and Third Sector organisations in London.

DASA is a government organisation created by the Ministry of Defence which offers development funding for innovative technologies and services that advance the art of the possible by 5-10 years. This keeps the UK ahead of its adversaries and helps businesses prosper in a competitive environment.

DASA publishes around 30 challenges each year to help protect the UK from its adversaries and keep the public safe. If you have development concepts on your technology roadmap that could fully or partially address these challenges, DASA provides full-funding without restricting where else you can sell these developments and they don’t take any IP or equity.

In the last 3 years DASA have awarded over £120m to more than 700 businesses and universities. More than half the awards have gone to SMEs.

They also have a team of regional Innovation Partners who can advise you on the suitability of your proposal prior to bidding and provide advice on applying.

If you’re looking for funds to de-risk the development of exciting new products that could give you a competitive edge, take a look at current DASA challenges here and contact your regional DASA Innovation Partner here.