As the biggest public procurement organisation in the UK, CCS uses its commercial expertise to help buyers across central government, public and third sectors. The collective purchasing power of CCS customers, combined with CCS procurement knowledge, allows CCS to provide the best commercial deals providing significant savings and benefit in the interests of UK taxpayers.

CCS and Small, Medium Enterprise (SME)

CCS helps thousands of public and third sector buyers in the UK with billions of pounds of spending each year. In line with the 2018 GOV UK SME Action Plan, CCS is supporting the government objective to have a 33% spend of the UK Government supply chain contracted with SMEs by 2022.

In support of this objective, CCS actively supports SME engagement with the public sector procurement market and aims to ensure that SMEs can compete with larger organisations on a fair and even basis. CCS is currently in the process of enhancing

User Experience and accessibility, introducing a number of new processes to remove repetition and ease doing business in general, thus making the bidding process easier, quicker and less burdensome.

SME Engagement

As part of the CCS objective to support and encourage SME access to public procurement opportunities, CCS aims to provide a series of services which will assist SME businesses/organisations. In order to ensure the services and enhancements which CCS plans to provide reflect the needs of the SME community, CCS is entering into a series of engagements with the SME community.

The first of these engagements being a short 20 question, SME Engagement Survey concentrating on the areas of market access, registration and PPQ/SQ submission.

It is estimated that the survey should take no more than 30 mins to complete. Any assistance that members of the SME community can provide by the way of completion of this survey would be greatly appreciated.

Complete the CCS SME Customer Engagement Survey HERE

Many thanks for your assistance in completing this survey.