On Wednesday 1 May the Directorate of Defence Trade Controls (DDTC) at the US Department of State published, at the start of a 30-day consultation period, a draft proposed rule outlining its proposals for the ITAR Exemption related to the delivery of AUKUS, the three-nation agreement for the joint development of a number of new advanced military technologies. A copy of what has been published is to be found here.

The formation of AUKUS builds on the long-standing history and cooperation between Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States which have mutual interests in maintaining regional security, prosperity and strategic stability in the Indo-Pacific region. Read the recommendations for the UK system here.

Current consultations on AUKUS

ADS is heavily involved in working with the UK Government and other UK industry trade bodies to coordinate an effective response to both the DDTC’s consultations, as well as the parallel EAR system proposed changes, as well as the UK’s own Notice to Exporters, which was also released on Wednesday 1 May, and the launch of the UK Government’s own 60-day consultation period for an AUKUS-related Open General Export Licence.

These consultations will be crucial for any UK firms who want to get actively involved in the successful delivery of the AUKUS initiative, for the trinational cooperative development of a broad range of advanced military technologies for the three nations, as one of the primary barriers in achieving this will be the potential impact of the three nations’ respective export control restrictions. UK companies are strongly encouraged to look at the proposals as they currently stand and feed in comments to Brinley.Salzmann@adsgroup.org.uk by the week commencing Monday 20 May, to enable a consolidated input to be provided back to both the UK and US governments on the proposals as they currently stand.

To assist UK firms in this, ADS will be organising a UK Industry-wide hybrid event (seminar/webinar), which will be open to any UK firms who want to attend, from 14.00 (BST) on Tuesday 14 May 2024, which will be attended by representatives of the US Government, the UK Government and the Australian Government, to air and discuss views and comments on what it being proposed by the three governments for the successful delivery of AUKUS. Click here for further information to book your place.