Today we launch the ADS Facts and Figures document for 2023, showcasing 2022 data.

The annual ADS Industry Facts and Figures guide shows the contribution of ADS sectors over the past year and is an opportunity to showcase the well-paid jobs, high-tech exports and vital investment in every region and nation of the country.

Our Industry Facts and Figures provide an annual snapshot of the vital contributions our sectors make to the UK economy.

For our 2023 publication, we heard from supply chain and major manufacturers who have reported rising costs and challenges to increasing output. However at the same time, sentiment and outlook across the industries is positive, with expectations of improvements this year in output and investment terms.

The ADS data further highlights a record high of 20.2k apprentices in the sectors’ workforce of 417,000 and is reflective of ADS members’ commitment to developing the workforce of tomorrow.

Aimie Stone, ADS Chief Economist.

This year’s publication includes the usual highlights of:

  • Combined turnover of £82bn
  • Combined number of directly supported employees, growing to 417,00 including 20,200 apprentices we estimate to be across our sector workforce
  • A combined export value of £36bn in 2022
  • Contribution to the UK economy through Gross Value Add of an estimated £37bn in 2022

For the first time we also reflect the combined number of graduates in our sectors which is 2,500.

The ADS Industry Facts and Figures document is our annual opportunity to set out the ADS vision. In 2023, this is to advance the UK’s leadership in aerospace, defence, security, and space, to enable prosperity and clean, secure growth for our nation through three routes:

Domestic Advantage

ADS is focused on the development of a current and future workforce that will help realise our national ambitions.

Global Advantage

ADS is committed to growing our sectors’ exports and enhancing relationships with the UK’s international partners.

Future Advantage

ADS is working to shape the UK’s regulatory approach to seize future market opportunities in emerging and disruptive technologies.

In addition to all of this, individual sector statistics and priorities are also included in the document. Compiled from a range of sources including official data from the Office for National Statistics, Oxford Economics, Department of Businesses and Trade and a number of reports including from the UK Space Agency and research.

View the full ADS Facts and Figures for 2023 here. For any questions on any of the data, please do get in touch with Chief Economist, Aimie Stone.