With the release today of our ‘ADS Commercial Orders & Deliveries Data’ for 2014, we thought we would also give you 5 quick facts you might not have known about the record 12,924 aircraft backlog/ order book in 2014…….

1. Around 2.6 million aircraft seats will be required to fulfil the current order book – enough to fill 28 Wembley Stadiums.

2. 650 miles of emergency floorpath lighting will be required to fulfil the aircraft in today’s order book – equivalent to the entire length of the UK.

3. 24 million engine blades will be required to supply the number of engines required for aircraft backlog – double the number of iPhones in use in the UK today.

4. Around 1.16 million passenger window glass panes will also be required to fulfil the backlog – equivalent to over 100x the number of glass panes used on The Shard.

5. If airlines never placed another order for new aircraft, it would still mean 9-10 years worth of future work for the global aerospace industry – in order to manufacture, assemble and deliver the 12,924 planes currently on the order book.