EU funding programmes & R&D

The UK and EU have agreed that the UK can continue to participate in some EU funded programmes on the basis that the UK pays into the schemes. This will enable the UK access to Horizon Europe, Copernicus and the EU’s Satellite Surveillance and Tracking (SST) services. 

The Withdrawal Agreement allows the UK to continue participating in EU programmes funded by the 2014-2020 Multi-Financial Framework (MFF). This means that UK companies can continue to bid for, participate in, and even lead Horizon 2020 projects. Detailed guidance on Horizon Europe can be found on the UKRI website while information on EU space programmes can be found on 

Horizon Europe Funding

With the European Commission currently setting up the Horizon Europe missions to start at some point this year, their aim is to ensure that work can start immediately after launch. The Commission has also announced assessment criteria for Horizon Europe missionsThe Missions are a new approach to a set of specifically targeted challenges and issues, such as climate change and achieving carbon neutrality. The five missions will primarily be financed by Pillar 2 of Horizon Europe and during the first three years of Horizon Europe, the missions will receive up to 10% of the annual budget of this pillar.

The European Commission has published a Q&A on UK participation in Horizon Europe. This document confirms the eligibility of UK entities to apply for Horizon Europe funding calls and that UK participants will have the same rights as their EU counterparts with regards to obtaining EU grants or participating in and leading consortia. 

There are no specific actions for businesses to take on Horizon Europe at this time as the programme has not launched yet. The same applies for Copernicus while we wait for finalisation of the EU Space Regulation. However, businesses can use this time to familiarise themselves with Horizon Europe and take a look at some of the funding opportunities.

Keep an eye out for the Processes4Planet Roadmap 2050 draft roadmap which is close to publication. An advanced working version has already been published on their official website. This Roadmap exhibits A.SPIRE’s vision for circular and climate neutral process industries. It also highlights the innovations required to achieve this vision by showcasing three objectives:

(1) Developing and deploying climate neutral solutions;

(2) Closing the energy and feedstock loops and; 

(3) Achieving a global leadership in climate neutral and circular solutions, accelerating innovation and unlocking public and private investment.