Brexit: Latest Updates on UK-EU Negotiations

The UK Government has been clear that it will not extend the Brexit transition period. That means that as of 1st January 2021 the UK and EU will embark on a new relationship, which is currently being negotiated.

ADS is engaging with the UK Government and closely tracking a number of key issues as the negotiations progress. These issues, identified with members, look at the detail of key issues such as:

  • Aviation safety regulations – what clarity do we have on the bilateral aviation safety agreement and what level of mutual recognition will there be?
  • Customs and borders – what simplifications will be put in place as a result of negotiations and what can businesses do to prepare right now?
  • Chemicals – what progress has been made to simplify the process of registering chemicals in the UK and the EU?
  • Northern Ireland – what has the UK-EU Joint Committee decided in relation to NI-GB export declarations, and ‘at-risk’ goods?
  • Defence – what progress has been made on the defence and security partnership, UK engagement with the European Defence Fund and PESCO?
  • Security – has the EU completed its data adequacy assessment of the UK and what is the status of industrial security clearances?
  • Space and R&D – what access will the UK have to future EU space and R&D programmes?

The risk register is available for members via the members area. It breaks these issues down in more detail and aims to answer questions where possible. Finally, it outlines where clarity is dependent on the negotiations. The risk is marked higher where there is less clarity.

As and when new announcements are made by the Government in the context of the future UK-EU relationship, we will update this hub and summarise any new information through our blogs. You can access all of our previous blogs on Brexit here.