The UK’s space sector is world-leading in a range of technologies including the production of small satellites and the use of space data to improve lives and better understand our planet. This outlook has been produced by ADS in collaboration with UKspace and with guidance from the UK Space Agency, which shows the collaborative nature of the sector as we work together and with government to unlock future growth potential.

The UK space sector directly employs 47,000 people in the UK, delivering high value jobs for a highly skilled workforce, and supports almost 2,500 apprentices across the sector. Turnover growth continues to increase year on year, reaching £6.5 billion in 2021. Space exports valued £5.3 billion to the UK, in 2021.

There are significant business opportunities in the UK space sector including the areas of In-Orbit Servicing and Manufacturing (IOSM), Earth Observation (EO) and launch capability.

The growth of the UK space sector is underpinned by an evolving policy landscape that is based on a close partnership between industry and Government that sets a clear plan for the future of the space sector in the UK working through the National Space Partnership.  The sector looks forward to a focused and empowered partnership, representing the whole breadth of the space sector, which will help drive delivery of our shared goals.

View the UK Space Sector Outlook for 2022 below: