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To support efforts to try to organise a major forthcoming conference in Lisbon, ADS is organising this webinar. ADS is planning on jointly organising a conference, with its counterpart in Portugal, idD – Portugal Defence, to take place in Lisbon in May 2022, with a further, follow-up networking to follow at this year’s Farnborough International Airshow, in July. 

idD Portugal Defence manages the shares that the Portuguese State holds in Defence companies, a group of multi-domain entities covering the naval and aeronautical industries, engineering, simulation and training, critical systems and communication systems, promoting a coherent and integrated management of these shares and contributing to a more competitive Defence Economy. Moreover, it also coordinates the Portugese Defence Industry and Technological Base, which includes a total of 350 mostly private firms and 60 R&D and training centres. This proposed conference will provide a platform to explore business development opportunities between both industries, whether seeking new business, collaborative partners in each country or to address opportunities in third countries, or new sources of supply. 


OGMA and TAP Maintenance & Engineering are the leading Portuguese companies in the aeronautics sector, operating mainly in the maintenance field. The southern city of Évora is emerging as a hub for aeronautics sector in Portugal. There are several highly qualified SMEs and subsidiaries of international groups, manufacturing aerospace products and providing relative services. Sustainable aerospace through the introduction of electrical propulsion and new models of urban air mobility are a priority for the sector.   


The Portuguese Government sets out investment in the Defence sector under the Portuguese Military Programming Law (LPM). The current LPM was published in 2019 and predicts an investment of €4.74 billion for the period of 2019-2030, including the following strategic programmes: 

  • KC-390 Transport Aircraft
  • Evacuation Helicopters
  • Soldier Combat System Programme
  • Cyber defence programme
  • Ocean Patrol Vessels (x6)
  • Multipurpose vessel (x1)
  • Replenishment vessel (x1)
  • Modernisation Portuguese Navy frigates (x3)
  • Uncrewed systems of various types.

The LPM is currently under revision and the revised LPM is expected to be published in 2023. 

Looking further forward there is a programme to replace the Air Force’s 24 x Lockheed Martin F-16A fighters (supplied in 1994-1998) sometime after 2030. 


For the period of 2020-2030, National Public Investment in Space should leverage an overall value of €2.500 million, with a 50/50 balance between public and private revenues. The sector is expected to grow to around €500 million annual turnover by 2030. A major trend lies in the growth of Nano & Microsatellite market spawned by the miniaturisation and integration of instrumentation in small sized platforms.  


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