This EGADD webinar, which took place on Thursday 21 September 2023 was intended to provide a timely overview of the recent fast-evolving developments that have been taking place on US export controls and an updated overview of what the practical implications might be for UK entities facing the complexity of meeting their compliance obligations.

These developments include: Implementation of the Open General Licences (OGLs) announced at last year’s Farnborough International Airshow; discussions about possible greater alignment between ITAR Direct Commercial Sales and Foreign Military Sales; further questions from Members regarding the regulations pertaining to Dual and Third Country Nationals; the Foreign Direct Product Rule under the EAR and whether the recent Seagate Technologies case points to a change in enforcement priorities; and, above all, whether the ground-breaking AUKUS trilateral technology development programme might result in new ITAR arrangements for the UK and Australia or whether the AUKUS Trade Authorization Mechanism (ATAM) might, in practice, merely be an extension of the existing UK/US Defense Trade Cooperation Treaty.

Clearly the geo-political and global security environment has changed significantly since the UK/US Defense Trade Cooperation Treaty came into force over a decade ago, so now is an ideal time for a webinar to examine whether we are on the cusp of the “next level” of ITAR changes which can do more to facilitate defence cooperation – for example in joint development and production – between the US and key allies such as the UK. 


General House-Keeping Remarks (Megan Blackman, Event Manager, ADS Group)

Welcome and Introduction (Spencer Chilvers, Head of Export Control Policy, Rolls-Royce, and Chair of EGADD)

Scene-setting remarks (Arthur Browne, Senior Manager – International & Export Control Governance, BAE Systems plc)

A UK Industry viewpoint (Arthur Browne, Senior Manager – International & Export Control Governance, BAE Systems plc)

Update from the UK Government viewpoint (Greg Mallitte, Assistant Head - UK-US & US Export Controls Policy, UK MoD)

The View from Washington DC (Graham Farnsworth, Counsel, UK Embassy in Washington DC)

Closing remarks (Brinely Salzmann - Defence Director, ADS Group)

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Megan Blackman

Event Manager

Megan Blackman