Today's R&D is tomorrow's commercial advantage - are you taking advantage of our R&D in Scotland?

ADS Scotland is delighted to partner with Scottish Universities on the supplementary briefing series focussing on topics around R&D Technology.

Taking place over the next 3 weeks, the first supplementary session is on:

Towards Safe, Trustworthy and Efficient Autonomous Vehicles - University of Glasgow

The main challenge in autonomous driving is to handle uncertainties. It proposes rigorous requirements that autonomous vehicles need to guarantee safe and trustworthy decision making. To make this realistic, autonomous vehicles have to be interpretable, adaptable, verifiable and robust. The goals would be achieved by developing transparent and reliable tools in perception, planning, modelling and control. Moreover, the current autonomous vehicles are power hungry so green driving solutions are expected. To this end, developing ecological driving strategies and event-camera-based perception falls into our research interest. 

Speaker: Dr Dezong Chao

Upcoming events:

  • Thursday 12 May - An introduction to CISpaces and automated decision making - University of St Andrews
  • Thursday 19 May - Space Sustainability - University of Strathclyde

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