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As you are probably aware, the EFQM Model has been updated to the 2020 version (from the previous 2013 version). This mainly effects the Business Excellence toolkit, however in line with this update, the SC21 Relationship Management Toolkit and processes, based on new EFQM Model, has been updated to reflect the changes. Due to the significance of the changes to the model there is a requirement that all SC21 Relationship Management Practitioners participate in transition training in order to continue using the toolset.


  • For individuals who want to become Practitioners on RelEx - this course being the first manadatory step in the qualification process.
  • This course is recommended as a refresh training for all qualified Practitioners who did not practice on RelEx for more than 2 years and wish to restart doing so again.
  • Anyone in industry wanting and understanding of the SC21 Relationship Management.


  • SC21 process 
  • Detail of the changes to the SC21 Relationship toolset in light of EFQM  2020 
  • Code of conduct
  • Business Ethics 
  • Relationship excellence 
  • Knowledge of Rel Ex Model
  • ISO44001
  • Rel Ex 
  • Roles 
  • Launch meeting 
  • Conduct a Rel Ex assessment
  • Present feedback
  • Interface with CSIP/EFQM2020 
  • Relationship Management Review
  • Knowledge of RMR process and SCRIA 
  • Roles 
  • Launch meeting 
  • Conduct a RMR
  • Present feedback
  • Interface with CSIP/EFQM2020 


The course will be delivered as a 1-day virtual live class - The platform used is MS Teams which utilises e-work rooms, video and streamed trainers. Please note: We require at least 14 people for this to go ahead.

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