BOOKINGS CLOSED - Due to the close proximity of this event, bookings are now closed. For any booking queries, please contact Brinley Salzmann

We have been contacted by the US DoD’s Defense Innovation Unit, via the Department for Business and Trade, based at the UK Embassy in Washington DC, to organise an event to coincide with a visit to the UK by a senior official from the DIU.

The official visiting the UK at that time has asked to include in his itinerary an event for him to brief UK firms on the role and activities of the DIU, so those companies can identify how they might be able to assist it in its mission. The event, to include open forum Q&A, should last approx two hours followed by lunch for those attending in person. A dial in option will also be offered.

To book:

If you would like to book please click on the 'Register Now' button. There are limited spaces to attend in person however we can allow additional attendees to dial in.

About the DIU:

Thanks to DIU's interstitial role, it can be easier to work with the US DoD than many smaller tech firms imagine. DIU engages with vendors to help the DoD move at the speed of technology.   

The DIU's official mission is to accelerate the US DoD’s adoption of commercial technology, transform military capacity and capability, and strengthen the American national security innovation base. DIU partners with organisations across the Department of Defense, from the services and components to combatant commands and defense agencies, to rapidly prototype and field advanced commercial products that address national security challenges. DIU operates six portfolios dedicated to solving national security demand in areas of: AI/ML (artificial intelligence/machine learning), Autonomy, Cyber & Telecommunications, Human Systems, Energy and Space. 

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