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ADS Scotland is delighted to partner with Scottish Universities on the next briefing series focussing on topics around R&D Technology.

We look forward to welcoming you to the final event in the series:

Multi-fidelity, multi-agent modelling for future autonomous systems design: applications in defence - University of Glasgow

Managing complexity is the core tenet of systems engineering and this has never been more evident than in the design of future airborne autonomous systems. This is especially true for military and homeland security scenarios where systems-of-systems operation will be a key requirement, significantly increasing system complexity at both platform and sensor/subsystem levels. A knock-on effect to the design process is that the existing methods for compliance testing and certification will need to be augmented with complex simulation of operational scenarios.

To address this current and future need, the University of Glasgow has developed a bespoke multi-agent, multi-fidelity simulation engine called MAVERIC (Modelling Autonomous Vehicle Environments using Robust, Intelligent Computing) specifically designed to simulate complex systems in realistic operational scenarios using multiple levels of model fidelity, essentially a system-level digital twin. In this talk, the MAVERIC simulation architecture will be explained and several recent defence applications will be presented to illustrate both the current capability and future potential of this new approach.

Speaker: Dr David Anderson, BEng, PhD, FRAes

Leonardo Senior Lecturer in Systems Engineering

Autonomous Systems & Connectivity Research Division

James Watt School of Engineering, University of Glasgow

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