During late 2023 we were preparing for the launch of the  “ADS Members only”, MRO Special Interest Group. We are delighted to confirm that the preparatory review is now complete and we would like to invite members with an interest in hearing more about the proposed activities and how members can engage.

This brief webinar will explain the initial areas of industry focus and the task and delivery approach of the group. This will include topical areas surrounding R&D, Skills & Raising the awareness/recognition of the MRO Sector.

In addition, we ask any members who are interested in attending the MRO update webinar to complete a short survey that will help ADS ensure that ADS can support its members in MRO.

Please follow this link to the MRO survey

Please register your interested in this webinar and ADS will send you a Teams invite to join the session.

If you have any questions, please contact Keith.Grandison@adsgroup.org.uk 

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