Trainers: Ross Harrison – Babcock, George Wilson – Centre for Competitiveness

Delivery: Virtual by MSTeams


Training objectives

·       To understand the EFQM Model criteria

·       To understand assessment methodology RADAR

·       To have a consistent interpretation, and knowledge, of the SC21 Business Excellence assessment toolset


Who is it for?

Those who wish to be become qualified SC21 Practitioners conducting assessments under the SC21 programme. It is also required for those who have not taken transition training from the 2013 EFQM Model to the 2020 version.



By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

·       explain how the EFQM Model is structured and how the different elements apply to an organisation

·       explain how the EFQM Model aligns with the SC21 Diagnostic tools

·       apply RADAR, the diagnostic and assessment tool, to identify strengths and areas for improvement

·       conduct a health check of an organisation


Training Agenda


Day 1

·       Welcome & Introduction

·       The SC21 Business Excellence assessment process

·       The Strategic Context – understanding the Business

·       Overview of the structure of the EFQM Model

·       Understanding the key elements of the Model (Direction, Execution, Results)

·       Understanding the criteria


Day 2

·       Understanding how to apply RADAR

·       Interpreting and Scoring RADAR

·       How to use the Model

·       How to interpret and use the new SC21 Diagnostics templates 

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