Following on from ADS Scotland successful series of R&D / Innovation webinars with Academia this year we are putting the spotlight on Scotland’s innovative SMEs and offering them the opportunity to highlight their own R&D and innovation activities.

Second in the series – TCT-Europe

Sustainable Rubber Products: Low carbon, low waste, low cost

TCT-Europe is a UK engineering company who design, prototype and volume manufacture products made from recycled tyre rubber crumb. Grinding waste tyres up to make rubber crumb is not new, but there is a small number of innovative engineering companies focused on extending out the range of products that lock this ‘waste’ material into long life, durable, high UV resistant, low cost units with a significantly lower CO2 footprint than virgin synthetic rubbers. Sarah Skinner MD and part owner of TCT-Europe will outline the importance of working with more sustainable materials and the types of products that we are currently building for the UK military.  

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