The Tech Bridge is a joint initiative between the US Navy’s Office of Naval Research Global (ONR(G)) and the Royal Navy’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO), the initiative saw the opening of a new innovation hub in London in June 2021 and now ADS Scotland is delighted to be working with the London Tech Bridge team on a visit to Scotland.

The London-based Tech Bridge sees both the US and the UK working together to embrace technology and see greater investment between their navies, the project has already made strides in closer collaboration between the UK and the United States with trials on uncrewed underwater vessels using sensors to feed back key information. And now following engagement throughout 2022, ADS Scotland is pleased to offer its members in Scotland the opportunity to meet in person with the Team and further develop this collaboration.

The London Tech Bridge Team are particularly interested to meet companies with an interest in any of the following areas:

•    AI/ML
•    Autonomy
•    Directed Energy
•    Green Energy
•    Maintenance and Sustainment
•    Advanced Manufacturing
•    Sensors and data analysis for CBM+ (Conditions Based Maintenance) for ships' machinery spaces

So if your company has expertise in any of these areas and you would be interested in meeting the London Tech Bridge Team then book your place now

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