We are delighted to invite you to attend an online webinar hosted by our HR & Legal Forum focusing on immigration and the impact on skills in our sectors. We have invited Lyudmyla Davies, Partner (Solicitor) from global mobility firm, Vialto Partners, as our guest speaker on the subject.

A representatve from the Home Office will present on the UK's new Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) scheme. With the ETA rollout being imminent the Home Office can answer any questions, and give a first glimpse of what the new ETA system will look like for business travellers.

We will also be taking a deep dive into how to plug skills shortages and look for the best talent from overseas. The session will be hosted by top rated immigration lawyers discussing the hot compliance issues such as illegal working fines tripling to £60,000 per illegal worker in 2024.


10:00 - Welcome and Introductions

10:05 - Business Travel Challenges EU/UK - Case Studies (including social security and posted worker directive)

10:20 - Contractor work - What are your UK immigration options?

10:30 - Immigration Policies

10:40 - UK and Global Compliance

11:00 - Questions and Answers

11:15 - Close 


About Vialto Partners

Vialto Partners has extensive expertise in global tax compliance, immigration, business travel, compensation, and remote work. Vialto's mobility solutions bridge the gap between where firms are now and where they need to be and provide a tailored global mobility service to a wide range of businesses across the aerospace and defence sectors.

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