This event is postponed until further notice.

To support efforts to try to organise a major forthcoming defence and security conference in Berne, ADS is organising a webinar on “Doing defence & security business with Switzerland”.

ADS is planning on jointly organising a conference, in association with the UK Defence and Security Exports at the Department for International Trade as well as the UK Embassy in Switzerland, to take place in Berne in September 2022.

This webinar will lead in to the conference, some four months’ later, and will brief on the potential business opportunities that might result for UK defence and security companies to do business with Switzerland.

The objectives for the proposed conference are:

  • Bringing UK and Swiss Defence experts across Government and Industry together to have a significant exchange on future opportunities of commercial and research collaborations.
  • During a panel discussion with UK and Swiss industry experts explore: What is Government’s central role in cyber and defence and how can we enhance our global and collaborative efforts?
  • The Department for International Trade, in collaboration with ADS, aims to promote the exchange of information between UK - Swiss government and industry in the areas of Defense and Security, including cyber security capabilities. 


The Swiss security and defence market has grown at a solid pace of 6-8% annually over the last decade. Switzerland is becoming significantly more security conscious, due to the considerable growth in crime, riots, assaults, fraud, pick-pocketing and burglary in the cities. Additionally Swiss rail, road and public safety operators are constantly updating their emergency response methods. Most importantly Swiss law has been adapted to allow more CCTV, NPR and facial recognition capability to be installed to maintain public order. 

Switzerland’s Defence and Security sector offers a wealth of opportunities in the area of weapon systems, military vehicles, and high-tech and innovative solutions linked to the defence, security and aerospace sectors. The Swiss Defence Ministry is planning the acquisition of new large helicopters for international peace missions.

Cyber Security attacks, interruption of business and market fluctuations are the top risks Swiss companies expect to face in 2022, according to a national report. In Switzerland, cyberattacks (rank 1 with 61%) and business interruption (rank 2 with 57%).



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