This Security Awareness training by the Cyber Resilience Centre for London will provide SMEs with a basic but effective understanding of the risks faced from cyber-criminals and the simple things that can be done to reduce vulnerability to common cyber threats. 

The training covers topics such as phishing, ransomware, insider threats and password security using the latest guidance from the National Cyber Security Centre. The session is engaging and supported by case studies, videos and real-life examples that explains cyber security in a non-technical way to keep attendees safe online.

Who is this event for?

ADS SME members, from all sectors, interested in learning about some of the basics of cyber security for their businesses. 

About the Cyber Awareness Training

With the correct training, your staff can be the first line of defence in dealing with a cyber attack or breach.

Your users have the potential to be the strongest link in your organisation when it comes to identifying security threats. Sadly they can also be your biggest frontline risk. With the correct training they can become more cyber aware and become a confident line of first defence for your company. When attackers defeat your technical measures and deliver a phishing email with a compromised link or an attached piece of malware, your users are on their own to identify malicious activity and stop that attack, so ensuring that they are confident is key.

The security awareness training covers a whole host of cybersecurity subjects, from passwords and phishing to spoofed websites and multi-factor authentication, and is tailored to the audience. However, our Ethical Hacking Students don’t deliver this in a mundane lecture full of technical jargon. We speak normal language, are fun and translate cyber security advice into easy to understand snippets to increase awareness across your organisation.

About the Cyber Resilience Centre for London / The National Cyber Resilience Centre Group

The Cyber Resilience Centre (CRC) for London is part of a network of nine Regional Centres across the country whose role is to support small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and third sector organisations reduce their vulnerability to cyber-crime. The CRC for London is a not-for-profit organisation working in partnership with the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime, The City of London Police and the Metropolitan Police. They offer a range of services to London’s small business community to help demystify the cyber security landscape and provide access to national intelligence data, free guidance and affordable help to protect businesses online.

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If you have any questions about this training, please contact Alistair Leuchars

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