Following the request that was raised at the end of the EGADD Annual Main Meeting back on Tuesday 1 November 2022 by a number of the participating delegates, the EGADD Executive Committee and its US Export Controls Sub-Committee have put together detailed plans to hold an information webinar on the issue of export controls and “Cloud Computing”.

This FREE-TO-PARTICIPATE webinar will be pulling together a panel of experts from across UK Industry (drawing on inputs from the Members of EGADD, techUK’s Trade & Customs Compliance Group and Team Defence Information) as well as representatives of the UK Government (ECJU and the UK MoD, which has recently published its “Cloud Strategic Roadmap for Defence” - to air and discuss issues associated with the use of “Cloud Computing” and how this interacts with the many and various export control regimes that exist around the world and are all seemingly struggling to understand and regulate this activity, especially in a more consistent and harmonised way. This situation presents a very real and practical compliance problem for many companies, especially those multinational organisations whose activities cross a number of different national regulatory national jurisdictions.


  • 14:00  Housekeeping - Megan Blackman, ADS Group
  • 14:02  Welcome remarks - Alistair Leuchars, ADS Group
  • 14:05  Scene-Setting overview comments - Warren Bayliss, Deloitte
  • 14:15  The UK Government view on controls in this area - Adrian Bond, ECJU
  • 14:25  UK MoD viewpoint - Greg Mallitte, Ministry of Defence
  • 14:35  Viewpoint of a multinational company - Edward Peartree, BAE Systems
  • 14:45  Viewpoint of the sector providing “Cloud Computing” services - Tina Termei, Amazon Web services
  • 14:55  Viewpoint of an organisation active in this area - Andy Corbett, TDI
  • 15:05  Open Forum Q&A panel discussion moderated by Alistair Leuchars, ADS Group
  • 15:30  Closing remarks - Alistair Leuchars, ADS Group
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Megan Blackman