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WHAT IS THE UK Quality - Professional training, Development and Retention working group?

Quality departments/functions across the aerospace industry report difficulty in attracting, developing and retaining quality professionals.  The situation is expected to worsen in the industry if no action is taken to address the situation, particularly considering the age demographic of the current quality professionals. There are potentially a number of factors that contribute to this problem which include, but are not limited to:

  • There is no clear recognised national quality development pathway for quality professional training and development. 
  • There is no nationally recognised training and development pathway for quality professionals.
  • Skills and competency levels attained are not necessarily recognised and transferrable between aerospace companies.
  • New skill requirements for Quality professionals are not being addressed and appropriate training is not being developed, given the introduction of new technologies, systems and operating practices in industry
  • The pace of progression in the quality profession in the aerospace industry is slow.
  • Continued professional development opportunities and routes to promotion are unclear.
  • The quality profession has a dated image and does not attract and appeal as a career to new recruits.   

This working group seeks to address these issues .  



The project team are to review the project overview statement and to recall issues already identified to establish the potential root causes.  Appropriate actions are to be identified and taken to contain and address the causes identified. 

While other actions may be required to tackle the root cause(s) of the issues identified a number of actions have been initially proposed

  • Review and produce a report on the current/planned career development models/paths (e.g.CQI/MoD/OEM’s) and determine duplication/gaps in the coverage
  • Develop and document a strategy and plan to address any gaps identified
  • Detail any training requirements (as required) in documented training specifications
  • Develop a documented proposal to identify a ‘preferred’ path to cover all of the subject areas and eliminate any training duplication   
  • Review the delivery of any training and its effectiveness
  • Create a promotional video detailing the role of the Quality function in the aerospace business and the range of opportunities it provides


If you would like to join the working group, please send a request to the ADS UK Quality Board Facilitator: (indicating in the Subject field of the email "UK QUALITY BOARD - PROFESSIONAL TRAINING, DEVELOPMENT AND RETENTION working groiup"), providing your contact details and a brief summary of your work experience in the Aerospace and Defence sector.


Key roles

Jeff Schutter

Group Facilitator

Simon Wilson


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