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The UK Industry NATO Forum (UKINF) is a forum for organisations with an interest in NATO and which also acts as the link for the UK NATO Industrial Advisory Group (NIAG) delegation to engage with wider industry. Members of the UKINF also receive NIAG related communications, including on NIAG studies and other NATO related topics.


The UKINF meets several times a year to provide updates on NATO business opportunities and agree UK industry positions ahead of meetings of the NATO Industrial Advisory Group (NIAG).

UKINF meetings give industry an insight into the procurement processes, business opportunities and developments within NATO, as well as allowing industry to provide feedback on their experiences and ask questions relating to NATO procurement. Representatives from across ADS, UK industry, and UK Government (including the Ministry of Defence and UK Defence Security & Exports) regularly attend and guest speakers have included presentations from different NATO organisations.

The UK NIAG delegation also attends UKINF meetings to gain industry views ahead of NIAG plenary meetings to credibly represent UK industry at upcoming NIAG plenary meetings. Additionally, it allows the UK NIAG Delegation to hear the views of UK industry more broadly, which helps the delegation form a UK position on a range of activities relating to NATO industrial policy, strategies and ongoing studies and engagements.


The NIAG was created in 1968 as a high-level consultative and advisory body whose mission is to provide industrial expertise and strategic insights to NATO organisations on a wide range of international security policy, defence planning and capability issues.

NIAG acts under the Conference of National Armaments Directors (CNAD) and has the following aims: 

  • Providing a forum for free exchange of views.
  • Providing industry's advice to the CNAD on fostering government-to-industry and industry-to-industry armaments co-operation within NATO.
  • Assist the Main Armament Groups in exploring international collaboration opportunities and seeking ways to satisfy NATO military requirements.

NATO members and partner countries are represented at the NIAG though their national delegations, which are composed of industry representatives, who act as the voice of national industries into the NIAG. The current Head of the UK NIAG Delegation is Sir Stuart Atha, Director of Defence Capability at BAE Systems and former RAF Deputy Commander Operations.

NIAG studies

In addition to providing high-level industrial advice, the NIAG conducts studies on a wide variety of subjects. NIAG studies are open to UK industry participation and participants benefit by helping to shape and understand future NATO requirements, as well as networking and being involved with experts from across 31 countries.

Further details can be found on the NIAG website.


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