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The ADS Security Sector Council (SSC) was formerly known as the Security Sector Board (SSB) and is the primary membership forum for overseeing ADS’s security policy and business development activity, which serves to ensure that ADS is seen as  the ‘go to’ security industry trade organisation in the country. The group is made-up of individuals from companies of all sizes operating within national security, resilience and policing markets, who serve the industry by maintaining strategic oversight of the activities of the ADS security and resilience team.


The purpose of the SSC is to represent the interests of ADS member companies operating in security and resilience markets, both within the UK and internationally, and maintain strategic oversight of the organisation’s security and resilience-related strategy and associated activity. The group works closely in support of the objectives of the UK Security and Resilience Industry Suppliers’ Community (RISC), for which ADS provides secretariat support and is a leading contributor, and a wide range of other relevant stakeholders in Government, Law Enforcement and across industry. In addition to proving overarching policy direction for ADS’s security and resilience programme, the SSC works with the ADS Board and ADS Council as well as all other relevant ADS Boards, Committees and Special Interest Groups that have a security interest. 


From January 2024, the following four members of the SSC have been elected to serve as the security and resilience sector’s leadership team. The Vice President (VP) will represent the SSC on the reconstituted ADS Board. The VP and the remaining three representatives will sit on the ADS Council on behalf of the SSC: 

Vice President, Security and Resilience Sector: Michael Clayforth-Carr, Leonardo (Security and Resilience Sector representative on the ADS Board)  

Additional SSC Representatives on the ADS Council: Moira Andrews, IMA Partners; Dr Budgie Dhanda, PA Consulting; and Tony Burnell, METIS Aerospace.


The SSC is chaired by the Vice President of the Security and Resilience Sector at ADS, Michael Clayforth-Carr, and the group is an inclusive forum membership that is open to active members of ADS operating in the security and resilience market. Active and two-way participation is encouraged and members interested in joining the group should contact ADS’s Director of Security and Resilience, Jon Gray, for a discussion and to learn about its requirements The group is also supported by the Head of Cyber and Domestic Engagement, Alistair Leuchars, who advises and maintains the Minutes for the Group, and Tracey Higgs ( who provides additional secretariat support.

Key roles

Tracey Higgs

Group Facilitator

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