Metallic Materials Special Interest Group (MMSIG)

Special interest group


The group is formed primarily of members of the BSI ACE/61 committee – Metallic Materials for Aerospace Purposes, who are material specialists employed by the UK aerospace companies or material suppliers or are independent consultants. Many of the committee members are ADS members and are chairs of the various ACE/61 sub-committees.



The MMSIG reports to the Engineering Standards Committee (ESC) on new or revised National and International metallic material and process standards, including the relevant parts of Def. Stan. 00-970 and Def. Stan. 07-85; along with those standards that are being withdrawn and may impact on ADS aerospace standards. A watching brief is also maintained on the relevant activities associated with IHS ESDU and Nadcap.

To maintain and update as directed by the ESC the following ADS Technical Standards:

  • TS 95 ADS Recommendations for Metallic Material Specifications to be Used in New Designs.
  • TS 96 Metallic Materials – Tables of Similar Specifications.
  • TS 260 Metallic Materials – Lists of Alternative Material Standards only Authorised for use of ADS Standard Parts

To provide a focus for domain stakeholder requirements, to the benefit of Industry.

Key roles

Ed Raggett

Group Facilitator

Mark L Binfield


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