External Affairs Board

Special interest group


The External Affairs Board was established to provide leadership and guidance to the ADS external affairs team to fulfil the following remit. “ADS should be acknowledged by all constituents as the authoritative voice of the industry, providing strong policy leadership and effective and persuasive communication.” In 2008 it was decided to expand the remit of the Communications Board to incorporate Government relations. 


  • Provide guidance and support to the ADS Communications Team on the four key markets of Civil Air Transport, Defence, Security and Space. 
  • Assist on providing a public impact and presentation of major issues from the other ADS Boards. 
  • To clarify and link together the political interaction and events of other ADS Boards. 
  • To advise on the political and media presentation of priority industry issues.
  • To advise on measures to improve the flow and quality of information to ADS members. 
  • To advise on the development and implementation of ADS’s policy research programme. 
  • To advise on ADS events and activities necessary to strengthen ADS’s relationship with key stakeholders. 
  • To actively support the delivery of ADS’s communication objectives.

This particular group is categorised as a ‘Board or Committee’ ADS Boards and Committees generally operate at the more strategic level  and have more specific criteria for joining and limited vacancies for Members to apply for. If you are interested and request to join a Board or Committee it will require further follow up from the group owner to confirm vacancies and suitability. 

Key roles

Rania El Zeiny

Group Facilitator


Georgina Smith


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