Defence R&T Forum

Special interest group


The ADS Defence R&T Forum is a group of R&D and Innovation leads from across ADS member companies who have an active interest in Research & Development in Defence.

The purposes of the Forum are to:

  • Provide high-level understanding on Defence R&T matters, including the development or roll-out of the SDSR-driven Defence Innovation Initiative.
  • Reflect a wide industrial community of interest to act as extensions of stratigic groups such as, but not limited to, the ADS Defence Sector Board, Defence Suppliers Forum DSF) Research, Technology and Innovation Group (RTIG).
  • Engage with key organisations and individuals delivering programmes related to Defence R&D and Innovation, including DST, Dstl, DE&S and others. 
  • Access the views of the broad Defence industrial base on Innovation matters, to respond to emerging topics, e.g. lobbying priorities.
  • Create a communications conduit between industry on Defence R&T matters.

Membership of the R&T Forum is open to ADS members, subject to them demonstrating active participation in relevant programmes and initiatives and thier ability to make a valid contribution to the Forum's purpose. Membership is periodically reviewed by the DSB. It is expected that members will be of R&T Director or equivalent level within member companies.


For further information please contact Oscar Widlund - - Tel: +4420 7091 7818

Key roles

Emma Evans

Group Facilitator

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