Defence Export Strategy Group

Special interest group


Membership of the DESG is strictly by invitation only and is extended any ADS Member Companies who are active and particularly knowledgeable in the export arena. The objective is to provide strategic guidance to ADS to enable its Members involved in the defence export sector to identify and pursue responsible new business opportunities in a way which has enhanced effectiveness. This is to be achieved in partnership with the Defence & Security Organisation (DSO), Defence Growth Partnership (DGP) and Defence Solutions Centre (DSC).


Deliverables include:

  • Identification of priority programmes/technology themes/markets for the UK defence sector
  • Provide feedback into an identified programme of events to target priority opportunities for the defence sector
  • Identify priority list of customers to attend key events such as DSEI, Meet the Buyer Events, etc, as well as, through DSO, etc major international events which are due to take place
  • Contribute towards the creation of engagement plans for each major overseas event
  • Identification of barriers that affect Members’ ability to export
  • Ensure relevant links are maintained between the DESG and Defence Sector Board, to understand Government International priorities and inform ADS lobbying on its defence export strategy
  • Ensure relevant links are maintained between the DESG and other ADS SIGs to better understand the export needs and interests of Member Companies in relevant sectors.
  • Ensure that Members’ views are effectively represented within the DGP, DSC and DSO
  • Provide market intelligence assistance to ADS’ programme of International events to ensure that priority themes and potential linked opportunities for each are identified.



Membership of the group is by invitation only. Whilst the Chairman will determine minimum and maximum number of Members for the Steering Committee, and can invite representatives from Government Departments to participate, as deemed appropriate, in general terms the minimum number of company attendees at a meeting should be six (6), and the maximum twenty-five (25). If a Steering Committee Member fails to be represented at two (2) consecutive meetings, then their continued presence on the Steering Committee will be reviewed, and a failure to attend three (3) consecutive meetings will be deemed to make their seat on the Group automatically forfeit. 


Key roles

Brinley Salzmann

Group Facilitator

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