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Delivering integrated solutions based on British excellence to counter the threat from explosive ordnance including IEDs.

Representing the UK’s Counter-EO supply chain and collaborating with His Majesty’s Government, British Army and security forces, Counter-EO UK delivers integrated solutions to enable partners to counter the threat from explosive ordnance including IEDs.  Working in line with the NATO Doctrine stated Lines of Operation: Attack the Network, Prepare the Force and Defeat the Device and delivering a depth of operational Understanding and Intelligence, Counter-EO UK can deliver integrated solutions tailored to customer needs.

The UK Counter-EO Industrial base has earned worldwide respect through over 40 years of experience of working alongside our government colleagues to deliver capability. We understand the threats and partner with government agencies to define requirements.  We can then measure against a dynamic, UK Counter-EO database to identify system of system options, capability gaps and choice of suppliers. We listen and work with customers to analyse the threat and assess existing capability. We present options for an End to End Capability (E2EC) with a timeline for delivery and an integration plan to deliver the maximum effect.


Counter-EO UK exists to generate opportunities for better business for its members, in the UK and international markets.  By collaborating with relevant stakeholders in government, we secure a joint role in the planning of procurement, innovation and partnering.  We establish a strong and unified presence in the Defence and Security markets in order to maximise the branding, activity and relationships for Counter-EO UK members and the value proposition to future customers of our End to End Capabilities.


  • Presents opportunities for new business opportunities.
  • Delivers the values of a focused group for the UK Counter-EO supply chain.
  • Enables pre-procurement networking within the group, with relevant decision makers and influencers in UK government and with overseas customers.
  • Generates opportunities for a joint presence at events.
  • Delivers a strong marketing message for Counter-EO UK, including individual member company material.
  • Communication channel from the member through to relevant stakeholders.
  • Regular, relevant information from the market to the members.
  • Provides genuine influence for all members across the national and international Defence and Security sectors – a representative voice.


In order to join or for more information, please email

Key roles

Allison Spyer

Group Facilitator

Jeremy Earnshaw


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