Aerospace Members Committee (AMC)

Special interest group


The AMC’s vision is to champion a globally competitive and prosperous UK aerospace supply chain. The AMC will strive to maintain a relevant and engaging agenda of events, and set objectives to roll into three main areas  

1.       Furthering the interests of the AMC and the Supply Chain (Representation)

2.       Growing AMC Member business (Business Development)


3.       Supporting Supply Chain Competitiveness and Growth (Supply Chain Growth)

AMC Members are CEOs, Managing Directors, or other senior executives of Supply Chain companies serving the Civil or Defence Aerospace and/or Space sector and are elected by current members into the group.

The Committee meets four times a year on the sites of aerospace Prime/Tier 1 companies, or other relevant sites, where host company briefings and site tours compliment normal AMC business.


The purpose of the AMC is to represent the aims and interests of its members and those of the Aerospace (civil and military) supply network in the UK. The AMC exists to: 

  • Pursue Business: supporting its members with activities to identify business opportunities both on and offshore 
  • Do Business: facilitating business development opportunities for its members by providing greater access to potential customers 
  • Promote the Supply Chain (SC21 principles) -being recognised as a strong advocate of the UK aerospace supply chain; its capabilities and its important contribution to the UK’s competitive position 
  • See and understand the Business Direction: using its unique relationships in providing its members with the visibility of market trends and programme developments 
  • Influence the Policy Decision Makers - advising and working on ADS Sector Boards and Cross-Cutting Boards 
  • Inform the Greater Business Environment - assisting its members to identify key points (and routes) of influence and to deliver a common voice on business issues and priorities 

This particular group is categorised as a ‘Board or Committee’ ADS Boards and Committees generally operate at the more strategic level  and have more specific criteria for joining and limited vacancies for Members to apply for. If you are interested and request to join a Board or Committee it will require further follow up from the group owner to confirm vacancies and suitability. 


For further information please contact Edward Raggett on

Key roles

Ed Raggett

Group Facilitator

Darren Burge


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