Aerospace Industry of Choice WG

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What is the Aerospace Industry of Choice Working Group?

As organisations of all sizes prepare for ramp-ups and new strategic programmes, they are facing capacity challenges due to difficulties in attracting and retaining talent. As more players compete for strategic skills, companies will continue to see more competition, poaching and rising costs to attract talent from limited pools and pipelines. 

The UK Aerospace Industry of Choice Campaign aims to level-up the sector ability to attract and compete for talent, by making Aerospace a destination of choice for candidates in target recruitment populations. 

The objectives of the campaign are to improve talent attraction and increase the pool of talent available for all organisations in the sector to recruit from, by improving perceptions in all the required segments by:

  • Articulating a new narrative to attract work ready people and fill short-term vacancies
  • Implementing a long-lasting brand that attracts diverse talent to the sector, to achieve goals and enable future programmes
  • De-risking industry skills gaps by increasing talent pipeline for all the supply chain, increasing resilience
  • Strengthening the attractiveness of jobs while promoting sector's careers, roles, training and entry routes
  • Positioning UK aerospace as the golden-sector and partner of choice for Governments and HQs.

Key roles

David Gomez Masipe

Group Facilitator

Balaji Srimoolanathan


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