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What is the Flight Operations Committee?

The ADS Flight Operations Committee (ADS-FOC) originates from the Society of British Aerospace Companies (SBAC) Test Pilots’ Committee formed in July 1947 to advise Council on operational matters relating primarily to the flight testing of aircraft and associated equipment manufactured in the United Kingdom.  Subsequently, the committee became the ADS Flight Operations Committee (FOC) in July 1970 as its scope expanded to cover related legislative, regulatory and safety issues within both the civil and military aviation sectors, albeit with a primary focus on flight test.


What is the PURPOSE OF THE Committee?

The committee provides ADS-member flight operations senior pilots a forum in which to exchange knowledge, share best practice and sustain their position with military and civilian regulators.  From its inception, the group has also provided the expert members essential to sustaining the international credibility of the Flying Control Committee of the Farnborough International Airshow.  The objectives of the committee are:

1.       To provide a forum for the senior pilots of ADS member-companies so they can discuss and resolve issues of common concern and share best practice.

2.       To provide ADS with a central resource of aviation expertise and regulatory knowledge concerning the UK aerospace industry in general and flight test conduct.

3.       To provide the Farnborough International Airshow (FIA) Flying Control Committee (FCC) with members having the pilot expertise and international credibility necessary to assist the FIA Flying Display Director in overseeing and adjudicating on display flying safety issues.

4.       To identify and address matters of national importance relating to aircraft operations, particularly in flight testing.



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Hayley Boyton

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