From technology and exports to apprenticeships and investment, ADS sectors are vital to Northern Ireland’s growth. On track to achieve a target revenue of £2bn per year by 2024, our sectors are highly prosperous, with an estimate of £1.9bn revenue in 2022.

  • The region supplies every major global aerospace programme
  • It is home to the all composite award-winning Airbus A220 Wing
  • One third of global aircraft seats are manufactured in Northern Ireland
  • In 2022, ADS sectors directly employed 9,000 people in Northern Ireland  
  • More than 70 per cent of all gold SC21 awards are held by companies in Northern Ireland

Our 100+ members, large and small, generate well-paid, high-tech exports contributing to Northern Ireland’s economic output.

“Northern Ireland is well and truly on track to hit the targets of the Partnering for Growth Strategy. In the coming years, it is essential Northern Ireland’s innovation and growth continues, and to achieve this, Westminster and Stormont must work together to secure Northern Ireland’s GB’s & NI’s world-leading position and enable ADS members to achieve their full potential.

Leslie Orr  Director – ADS N Ireland


Success in the aerospace, defence, security and space sectors is down to collaborative efforts from political and industry stakeholders through the ‘Northern Ireland Partnering for Growth Strategy’. The strategy was launched in 2014 with 10-year growth ambitions.