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Defence Growth Partnership (DGP)

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The Defence Growth Partnership (DGP) is a Government and Industry partnership to secure a thriving UK defence sector, delivering security, growth and prosperity.

On Monday 9 September 2013, the DGP launched Securing Prosperity – a strategic vision for the UK Defence Sector. The report sets out how Government and Industry will work together to maximise the UK’s competitive advantage to boost British jobs, trade and growth.

Speaking about the partnership, Prime Minister David Cameron said:

“Britain’s defence industry is a national success story that we are right to take pride in. Across the country, British engineers, scientists, apprentices and manufacturers are working to ensure that our armed forces have the best equipment in the world.

“But as well as making an essential contribution to our national security, the industry is vital to economic growth too – with well over 100,000 people employed and a turnover of £22 billion a year.

“The Defence Growth Partnership sets us and industry a joint challenge to deliver a long-term strategic vision to maintain our position on the leader board – maximising opportunities for British business and further strengthening the economy.” 

How to get involved in the DGP

As a Government-Industry partnership, the DGP is an opportunity for companies at all levels of the UK industrial value chain to help build on our strengths and deliver enhanced growth and prosperity for the UK.  From Prime Contractors to SMEs, engagement from a broad base of participants is crucial to ensure that the DGP strategic vision becomes a reality.

To find out how your company can get involved in the DGP, please contact

Industry Questionnaire

The DGP is now working towards publishing a full implementation plan for the sector in the summer of 2014 and is seeking wide industry involvement in the process.

As an initial survey to identify opportunities for growth in the UK defence sector and to identify companies interested in contributing to the DGP, we ask that your organisation please complete the DGP Industry Questionnaire. 

Roadshow Events

The DGP roadshow events are a unique opportunity for UK companies to help shape the UK's future defence landscape.  Facilitated by ADS and hosted by Member Associations of the Aerospace and Defence Federation, the roadshow events will give you the chance to:

  • Learn more about the DGP and the work it is undertaking.
  • Put forward your own suggestions on how the DGP could be developed to help your company and the Defence Sector in your region.
  • Discuss the practical implications of the DGP for defence companies operating in your region.

For further information on the roadshow events, please contact James Coady:

Confirmed dates

The DGP roadshow kicked off at the Aerospace Wales Forum on 5 February 2014.  Keep checking this page for new dates:


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Key UK strengths that the Defence Growth Partnership will maximise include:

  • air capabilities – which have yielded 82% of UK defence export success over the last ten years and which have significant potential for growth
  • intelligent systems – development of the electronics, software and systems integration that are found at the heart of many military capabilities
  • growing international business – developing more coordinated UK solutions, tailored to the needs of customers around the world
  • technology and enterprise – establishing more effective ways of creating and exploiting the intellectual property of the future, such as autonomous systems
  • skills – developing the next generation of apprentices, technicians, engineers and other professionals
  • value chain competitiveness – improving the competitiveness of the UK’s defence value chain, providing differentiation in terms of capability, cost and market access

The Strategic Vision is available to view by clicking on the link below. The DGP is now working towards publishing a full implementation plan for the sector in the summer of 2014. You can also access the minutes of the DGP meetings in July and September 2013 at the links below.

Click here to view the DGP DSEI press release

The Aerospace Growth Partnership (AGP)

ADS are also working alongside government and industry to secure the future of UK Aerospace by creating a shared vision and plan for the UK Aerospace industry, as outlined in the Aerospace Growth Partnership (AGP). For more information on the Aerospace Growth Partnership, please visit:

Last modified : March 26, 2014