Today a number of news sources are reporting that the UK Government will avoid rigorous border checks on imports for a short period after the end of the Brexit transition on 31 December 2020.

Full details of the Government's plans have not yet been formally published.

Commenting on the reports, ADS Chief Executive Paul Everitt said:

“If implemented, this approach to goods arriving in the UK from the EU after the end of the transition period will help provide some relief from the impact of new regulatory burdens on complex pan-European supply chains.

"However, UK exporters would continue to face significant additional cost and complexity created by new checks on goods moving from the UK to our EU customers.

"Industry is looking to negotiating teams on both sides to take a pragmatic approach and make substantial progress in the coming weeks.

“A non-negotiated outcome on aviation safety would be catastrophic for the UK and European aviation and aerospace sectors, and the hundreds of thousands of jobs they support. Duplication of regulatory processes will add significant unnecessary cost to industry. These are costs industry is currently unable to absorb.”