Intelsat General Communications (IGC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Intelsat S.A., today’s announced the introduction of FlexGround, a new service that provides military troops around the world with fast, resilient and secure communications for mobility applications requiring compact terminals.
Ground forces operate in an increasingly sophisticated, unpredictable environment and the ability to instantaneously access high-data rate communications from even the most austere environments is critical to mission success. Many communications methods currently available have a cumbersome form factor and do not always fulfil the need for secure, high data rate bandwidth communications to the tactical edge.

“Our new FlexGround service ensures that tactical users in remote environments around the world can stay connected,” said Skot Butler, president, Intelsat General. “The service’s high data rates and open architecture enable ground forces to use a wide array of ultra-portable antennas, providing them with the mission agility they need. The flexible service plans, pay-as-you-go option, and global availability enable troops to quickly access the connectivity they need whenever and wherever necessary.”

FlexGround supports a range of lightweight tactical and early entry user terminals, including Communications-On-The-Pause (COTP), Manpack and Emergency Responder communications. It enables data, voice and video communications including the ability to meet the High Definition Full-Motion Video (HD FMV) needs of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) applications.

Courtesy IGC

FlexGround offers:
• A High-Performing, Resilient and Easily Accessible Network. Leveraging Intelsat’s multi-layered, Kuband network and Intelsat EpicNG high-throughput satellite platform, FlexGround delivers
high data rate transmissions enabling converged data, voice and video communications to the smallest, land mobile terminals. .
• Flexibility, Efficiency and Affordability. FlexGround also enables government customers to select among several service options, allowing them to choose a plan that is based on their data-rate usage, geographic and budgetary needs, without having to make an upfront commitment. FlexGround offers a flexible pay-as you go option that provides a budget friendly cost
structure, with service options for a full-time lease for long duration missions, or usage based on-demand service for limited-duration needs such as emergency response.
• Advanced Interference Mitigation Capabilities. Intelsat EpicNG satellites have smaller spot beams and an advanced digital payload which helps to quickly identify and mitigate attempts to disrupt
signals in the field. Anti-jamming capabilities, combined with multiple layers of resiliency provided by Intelsat’s global network, ensure always-on connectivity, secure communications and a robust layer of security.