Security Vetting Services

As a member of ADS, we can support you and your organisation in obtaining the necessary National Security Vetting (NSV) clearances to access relevant classified Government material and contracts.

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What we offer

As an organisation holding Facility Security Clearance (previously known as List X), we can sponsor clearances through the MOD, and we also offer to sponsor security clearances through Warwickshire Police. We offer to sponsor clearances at all levels as long you meet the requirements. For MOD clearances, you must be in possession of a valid MOD contract that requires security cleared personnel. There is no contract requirement for Warwickshire Police clearances meaning you can clear any employees you wish through this route. Please note that the cost is slightly higher as ADS incur a large charge from Warwickshire Police to process these clearances.

We will assist you in processing staff through BPSS clearance before applying for the NSV level required.

We will look after the clearance including all the maintenance requirements as well as providing security training to cleared personnel. If you have contracts with several areas of Government, we can hold your clearance and then other Government departments can request a share from us meaning that we still own the clearance and maintain it for you. Sharing a clearance takes a few weeks compared to applying for an entirely new clearance.

We also provide travel advice, training and more to cleared personnel.

How to apply

To use this service, you must be an ADS member. If you are requiring an MOD clearance, you must have a valid MOD contract which has an NSV requirement or a letter/email from an MOD official confirming the requirement. There is no contract requirement to gain NSV through Warwickshire Police.

Once you identify that you have a requirement for NSV, you will need to download various forms and guides via the ADS Member Area.

First read through the “ADS Security Clearance Policy”. Once you have read this, please download the “Booking Form” followed by either the “BPSS Application Form” or “MOD DV BPSS Applicatio Form” if you require MOD DV level clearance or the “BPSS Application” for all other clearances. There is also a “BPSS Application Guide” available for help in completing the forms.

Once you can meet these requirements, you can download and complete the ADS Security Clearance Booking Form, BPSS Application Form and ADS Security Clearance Policy Agreement via the Member Area.

Once these forms are completed, please contact the ADS Security Vetting Team at who will guide you through the next steps and answer any queries.


If you have any initial queries on the NSV application process, check our Frequently Asked Questions for more information. Alternatively, please contact the ADS Security Vetting Team.


Security Vetting Team
T: 02070917824

Security Vetting Training

ADS also offer security clearance training for members. To find out more please contact:

Security Controller, Paul Williams