The ADS UK Space Industry Team is committed to supporting the Space sector and is promoting Space jointly with UKspace to deliver services and support on behalf of all Space Members. ADS space industry members can join UKspace and this will provide them with access to committees, working groups and events which provide members with opportunities to network, seek out business development opportunities, learn, influence markets and stakeholders and keep up-to-date with current, related developments.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

ADS operates a number of UK space industry groups to support specialist business development requirements. These are open to all members to join, giving them access to the information which they issue.

Boards and Committees

ADS runs a number of dedicated Boards and Committees for members which are focused on the strategic planning and operational delivery relating to topics of importance for the Sectors.

Latest policy papers

The policy team works with the government to shape the political, economic and business environment within which our members operate.  For the security sector, working with the government also influences capability requirements and leads to business opportunities.

Business Development

ADS has dedicated resource looking at markets and opportunities across the world. This information can be accessed in The Business Development Centre in the Members Area.

Members Area


Contact us to find out more about any of the areas that you may be interested in.