The ADS Environmental Sustainability Working Group, originally a special interest group of the Sustainable Aerospace Board, is now an autonomous group. It provides the checks and balances which ensure that the outcomes of the other environmentally focussed groups (Carbon Management and HazMat), reflect the broader interests of ADS members as a whole. At the Environmental "Super-Meet" held in January 2018, it was decided to combine the Design for Environment (DfE) WG with the Environmental WG, into a new group called the "Environmental Sustainability" WG, as there were large overlaps in both group's activities.

 ADS Environmental Policy -   ADS Environmental Policy v2013.pdf (111 KB)


The ADS Environmental Sustainability Working Group’s principle objective is to help ADS members understand how environmental issues may impact their businesses and uses the UN Sustainable Development Goals as the basis for its work remit.

It provides a forum to;

·         Coordinate, communicate and promote authoritative information; 

·         Be the industry reference platform regarding product sustainability, maintaining a value chain perspective and considering the whole life-cycle;

·         Share and promote best practice; 

·         To engage with stakeholders on environmental issues and regulation affecting the aerospace, defence, security and space sectors; 

·         Provide a coordinated ADS response to UK and European environmental legislation, and consultations on environmental legislation, when they are likely to impact on one or more of the industry sectors of ADS members;

·         Support ADS liaison with Government departments, regulators and representatives of other industry sectors including ASD, as required, to lobby on behalf of the aerospace, defence, security and space sectors; 

·         Advise and report to the four ADS Sector Boards on pertinent environmental issues; 

·         Liaise on other ADS initiatives as appropriate.

SME and supply chain involvement are critical to the workings of the group, and a a dedicated email account - Environment@ADSgroup.org.uk has been set up for ADS  SME members to submit questions about environmental sustainability and the way it impacts their businesses.

As part of its work, the DfE group published 5 position papers on the aspects of:

The ADS Environmental Sustainability WG will be maintaining these going forward.

 One important aspect of previous work has been to develop standards in eco-design for the ADS industry and the creation of standard industry metrics for the aerospace sector. In 2013, an EngD Research Engineer, Abdul Miah, was sponsored to help further the work of the group, based at ADS, with 5 companies funding the project with the University of Surrey as the academic partner. His research project, "Product sustainability within the aerospace, defence, space and security (ADS) industries", completed in 2017.

ADS and members of the Environmental Sustainability group are currently considering how to continue to progress this work in the future - potentially as part of another Doctorate research project.


Membership of this new group is open to all ADS members - to join, please contact Kevin.Morris@adsgroup.org.uk or tel.: 020 7091 4530, who will validate your application and add you to the Membership.


Key Roles

Group Facilitator
Kevin Morris, ADS Group Ltd (Farnborough)
kevin.morris@adsgroup.org.uk | Tel: 0207 091 4530

Andrew Clifton, Rolls-Royce PLC

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